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Minggu, 25 Maret 2012

Top 10 Ultimate and Largest Cruise Ship in the World 2011

Top 10 Ultimate and Largest Cruise Ship in the World 2011 

Of luxury cruise business is still a favorable trend of the world tour, as evidenced by the construction of some of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world. The more luxurious cruise ships and large size, prestige offered was the wah!. Here are 10 of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world this year.

1. MS Allure of the Seas 

With a total passenger capacity of 1385 people, has 25 restaurants, has a 2000 person professional crew. Royal Caribbean International Company makes this ship in 2006.
72 meters high and 360 meters long, is the largest and most luxurious cruise ship first.

2. MS Oasis of the Seas 
This ship is just a difference of 50mm along with MS Allure of the Seas, both owned by The Royal Caribbean International Company. Which travels at 22.6 knots which is driven by a diesel engine 6.
Offers the luxury of its exterior with 16 decks, super big theaters, restaurants with menus from around the world, entertainment, cafes and all the dreams of the tourists. 
3. Norwegian Epic 
The third largest luxury yacht held by Norwegian Epic, the deck has 19 luxurious, ice bar, bowling, playground, shopping mall. With a length of 329.49 meters and 40 meters wide, Norwegian Epic capable of carrying 4100 passengers at a time.
4. MS Freedom of the Seas
Launched in 2006, the yacht is pretty luxurious in fourth. MS Freedom of the Seas has a length of 338.9 meters and a width of 38 meters.
Although it ranks only fourth in size but in terms of luxury, MS Freedom of the Seas the first rank!.
Able to accommodate 3634 passengers offers the famous Irish coffee enjoyment, luxurious casino, swimming pools, ice skating facilities and other facilities are amazing.

5. MS Liberty of the Seas 
Launched in 2007, still from The Royal Caribbean International Company. Ranks fifth in the ranks of the largest and most luxurious yachts in the world 2011.
Has 15 luxurious deck with a capacity of 3634 passengers. This vessel has a length of 338.9 meters and 154 407 tons deadweight!.

6. MS Independence of the Seas 
 Royal Caribbean International ship Company put another one in this sequence. Is the MS Independence of the Seas, launched in 2008 and sailed the routes of Europe.
With a length of 339 meters and a weight of 154 407 tons, it has no less luxurious facilities with MS Liberty of the Seas.
Having Pyramid Lounge, Lounge Egypt themed luxury and spacious swimming pool, volleyball court, rock climbing, arcade games arena and others.

7. RMS Queen Mary 2 
The order of the 7 occupied by RMS Queen Mary 2, which sailed the route Transaltantik.With a length of 345 meters and a weight of 151 400 tons used to be the largest and most luxurious when it was first launched in 2003.
Special service on board to make excellent family crossed the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel is capable of carrying passengers as much as 3056 people in a single voyage.
8. MS Navigaotr of the Seas 
Number 8 is occupied MS.Navigator of the Seas cruise ship from the ranks of The Royal Caribbean International again. Launched in 2002 with a length of 311.1 meters, width of 49.1 meters and a weight of 138 279 tons.
Offers all the luxuries such as cruise ships from Royal Caribbean the other.

9. MS Mariner of the Seas 
The ninth is a luxury yacht MS.Mariner of the Seas, with a length of 311.12 meters with a capacity of 3114 passengers. It has a luxurious cabin 1557!.
Since its launch in 2003, this ship served the route Rome and the Mediterranean Sea.

10. MS Explorer of the Seas 
Launched in 2000 and capable of carrying 3114 passengers on each route.MS.Explorer of the Seas menmepati ten top-10 ranked the world's largest luxury liner in 2011.
With a long reaching 311 feet, this boat is the most luxurious yachts older age compared with younger brother above.
So, prepare a small bag, a lot of money and then order your tickets, Happy Weekend.

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