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Monday, March 26, 2012


Dragon Ball is one of my favorite comic when I was junior high. Call it a favorite character Son Goku (Kakaroto), Yamucha, Klilin (Kuririn), Vegeta (Bezita), Pikoro (piccolo), Furiza (Freza), Cell to the Devil Bo (Majin Bu) are characters who make sales of action figuresto explode at that time.The story begins with the adventures of burma (Bulma) to find the 7 Dragon Ball fruit.Legend tells that when they are able to collect 7 Dragon Ball fruit (Dragon Ball) can summon the dragon god (Shen Lon) who can grant any request. In the course of Burma met with goku son who was having a ball dragon (Dragon Ball) with four stars.
Son goku 

was then willing to follow the Burmese to work together to find 7 Dragon Ball fruit. They both met with a tortoise genie, Yamcha, kuririn, etc. pikoro better known as the Z warriors.If you also like reading comics dragon ball, or for those that missed a series Dragon Ball.Download the aja digital comic series Dragon Ball follows. Tolerable than a curiosity, because these old books and comics are not all rentals have a complete series of Dragon Ball.After searching around the internet, I found these links to download Dragon Ball.Happy reading!

Tenkaichi Budokai

Dragon Ball Z began at once "timejump" that is precisely After Goku becomes a teenager / adult. First seen at the Tenka Ichi Budokai games. Meet again with the Chi-Chi that childhood promise to marry. The final short story is a young Piccolo vs. Goku.After Goku defeating Piccolo, he then started a family with the Chi-Chi.Tenkaichi Budokai, is a global fight martial. held 5 years (3 years later). Participants come from different types of races that exist in the world of Dragon Ball. Participants also come with a variety of purposes, one wants to test the extent of his fighting skills, there is hope that the money raised, there is indeed aiming to finish off his opponent's
Saiyan SagaGoku had married, had a son named Gohan, the name is taken from his late grandfather Goku. When Goku asked Gohan was stopped at the Kame House, the sudden arrival of the earth were struck Saiya named Raditz, it was found that he was the biological brother Goku. He tells Goku that the origin was derived from the planet Vegeta, as well as his real name, Kakarot.The purpose Goku is sent to Earth to destroy the earth's population then the Earth would be ruled by the planet Saiya nation. For refusing to carry out commands her brother, Raditz Gohan hostage. Because it alone can not defeat Piccolo asks Goku to join. End the fight with Raditz Goku died sacrifice. However the prior death, through a scouter Raditz tells two other Saiya people who will come to Earth next year. Scouter is a sophisticated tool-shaped glasses, which are used to communicate by Saiya, and are also able to detect the level of fighting someone.Piccolo took Gohan trained to deal with people who will come the Saiya. Gohan trains him without mercy. Finally arriving at the determination. Meanwhile, Goku trained in the world of the dead with King Kai, in order to face the next enemy.

Planet NamekAfter the battle with Vegeta and Nappa on Earth, which took the lives of the Z-fighters, including the Piccolo, the Dragon Ball was also destroyed. After a discussion with King Kai, it is known that the planet Namek, Piccolo home planet of Namek nation there are species that are still alive and growing. Thus the Z-fighters hoping there is Dragon Ball on the planet and the spacecraft went with the original Namek which takes about 3 months to get to the planet Namek. After arriving at the planet Namek, the planet was already colonized by Frieza and his cronies that have the power level is much more ruthless and more powerful than Vegeta. Even the means of communication and their spacecraft was destroyed.Meanwhile on Earth, Goku is still lying in the hospital, got a visit from Yajirobe that provide magic bean called Senzu beans are not only nutritious but filling it can cure all diseases, broken bones, internal bleeding, a broken neck, spastic convulsions, pegel pains and colds immediately. After he recovered soon after Bulma, Gohan and Krillin who had gone ahead with more sophisticated aircraft made by Saiya the plane, it only takes about 1 month. In the course of Goku training in the aircraft engine which has been equipped by the aid of gravity x 100 Dr. Briefs (Bulma father).In the middle of the story, Vegeta forced to join the Z-fighters to defeat Frieza. But eventually killed by Frieza, after he tells the legend of Super Saiyan Goku. End of story, Goku eventually turned into a Super Saiyan but only a moment because at the time the fight ended, apparently exploding planet Namek blown to pieces.

 Cell Saga

After exploding planet Namek. Z-fighters suddenly startled by the arrival of a young man to kill Frieza with Super Saiyan form. Even more surprisingly he said that Goku is still alive from the explosion on the planet Namek.After waiting for 3 hours, Goku finally reached the earth, and it revealed the mysterious young man (only to Goku) that he was a young man from the future named Trunks. He said that at the time of the two androids XXX will appear very great and cruel that makes the future like hell, even in the form of Super Saiyan even if they are not unprecedented and kill all the Z-fighters. He recalled that in the future Goku was not killed by android but by a disease. For the sake of preventing future is in, Trunks from the future to give the drug (resulting in parallel world)Deviating from the timeline, android appears again two unknowns, namely Android # 19 and Android # 20 (Dr. Gero) who have grudges against Goku as a child in, Goku has destroyed the Red Ribbon Army (Red Ribbon Army). They are very strong. Android # 20 Yamcha almost kills with out absorbing energinya.Tetapi senzu could be saved with nuts.While starting his fight with Goku Android # 19. But Android # 19 is stronger than Goku.Goku almost killed as well as Yamcha. However, suddenly of heart disease that attacks the trunks had been told by Goku earlier than expected. Carrying and caring for straight Yamcha Goku.Vegeta just practicing in outer space returned to Earth with his new ability to be a super Saiya-jin. He defeated Android # 19 by using the tactics Big Bang Attack. Android # 20 is already almost invincible and revealed his identity, Back to the lab is located in the northern mountains to reactivate Android # 17 and Android # 18. This is the android who once told by Trunks. However, they were stronger than expected Trunks.Tapi android who is not a problem, but rather an organic robot named Cell. Cell has not been as strong as expected, until finally in mid-story, Cell suck android 17 and 18 and turn into perfect form Cell. Buu Saga

Beginning with the universal martial arts competition was held back. This event is followed by Goku who had come from the realm of the dead, Gohan Great Saiyaman disguised as, Vegeta, Piccolo, Krillin, and others. Only Yamcha and Tien and Master Roshi who did not join the game.At the time of the match, there were instances where the opponents fight Gohan asked him to turn into Super Saiyan. When transformed into Super Saiyan Gohan suddenly ambushed by two agents of Babidy. Both men were assigned to look for large energy, which is required to generate Buu. Monster that centuries ago had almost destroyed the universe.After Buu freed from his cage, with nothing necessarily to match it. Vegeta even deliberately blew up the energy in his body, only resulted in his death, with Buu still be alive.Gohan is thought to have died in the battle against Buu, it was rescued to the wild Kaioo King Kai. There he trained to be able to defeat Buu. While Goku is only a limited time (because it comes from the realm of the dead) fusion taught to Goten Trunks and after realizing the power that these children if there is a chance to join can beat Buu.And in the fight against Buu for the umpteenth time, finally destroyed the moment the cast Goku Spirit Bomb. But the official version, is Mr. Satan (also called Hercule) is considered to save the earth, again.

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