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Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 World's Longest River

10 The longest river in the World | Maybe all the readers have seen this list in book 5 th grade textbook, so it may already widely known. But just to remind and refresh, here I provide a list of 10 world's longest river. Hopefully entertaining and not boring (Rank starting from the bottom)10. River Zaire / Congo River 
River Zaire or Congo river is the flow originated from the confluence line Lualap and Luapula River and flows to the Atlantic ocean. Overall length of this river reach 2716 miles.9. River Irtish 
This river besumber in the Altai mountains in Russia, and ends at the confluence of the river Ob (the longest river rank 5) to reach a total length of 2758 miles
8. Parana River Located on the Paraguay river, the flow begins with a meeting between the rivers and streams paranaiba grande, and ends at the Rio de La Plata with a total length reaches 2795 miles.7. River Yenise 
This river is one of sungi terpanjng in Russia. berhilir the Tannu-Ola Mountains in western Tuva, Russia, and empties into the Arctic Ocean, with a total length reaches 2800 miles.6. Huang He River 
River Huang He or Yellow river, Aliranya starting from the eastern side of the mountain Kuanlan and continue to flow to the Gulf Vhihli in western China, the overall length of this river is 2900 miles.5. Ob River 
This river is the boundary river Irtish end (ranked 9). Aliranya beginning of the Russian Altai mountains and empties into the Gulf of Ob to reach an overall length of 3459 miles.4. Yangtse River 
This is the longest river in mainland China, the Yangtze River or Chang Jiang river, flowing from the Tibetan plateau to the sea boils in China. The overall length reached 3602mil.3. Mississippi River 
The Mississippi River is the second longest river in the Americas. The flow starts from the Red Rock mountains in Montana and ending in the Gulf of Mexico with a total length reaches 3713 miles.2. Amazon River 
Berawall of flow Glazer Fed lake in Peru later across several Latin American countries and ending in the Atlantic Ocean to reach an overall length of 3912 miles.1. The Nile 

This is the world's longest river, the river became a symbol of prosperity in Egypt this disgorge Lake Victorial and continue to flow to the Mediterranean Sea with a total length of river reach 4180 miles. 

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