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Sunday, March 25, 2012

10 komik paling mahal

Whiz Comics

Published in February of 1940, this was the first comic book where Captain Marvel appeared. Its approximated value (supposing the comic is in it’s original conditions) is of $84000 (in 2004).

More Fun Comics

The same as Whiz comics, it would cost in perfect conditions $84000. It was the first time when the Spectre appeared.

Flash Comics

Publisher in January of 1940, it is the first comic where flash appears but it was published in a strange way, as few books where produced. The second comic of Flash comic’s changed its name to Whiz comics, and was strangely numbered as the first one. This comics costs $97000 in almost original conditions.

Captain America Comics

Published in March of 1941, it was logically the first time when the legendary Captain America appeared. The price of this comic in good conditions is of $125000.


Published in the spring of 1940, this comic was entirely dedicated to Batman.
Its price is also of $125000.

All American Comics

This edition (the number 16) was published in July of 1940 and, It was the first appearance of Green Lantern. Its estimated value is of $160000.


This was a comic fully dedicated to Superman, but it was a reprint of the original “Action Comics Story,” which was published in the summer of 1930. Its value is of $270,000 in good conditions.

Marvel Comics

The Human Torch (from the Fantastic Four) and other super heroes made their first appearance in this publishment of October of 1939. It would cost $330000 in good conditions.

Detective Comics
Published in May of 1939, it was the first comic where Batman appeared.
In good conditions, this comic world cost $375,000.

Action Comics

Published in June 1938. It was the first publishment of the “Action Comics” series, and it was the first time Superman appeared, marking the beginning of his legacy.
The approximated value of this comic in good conditions is just $440,000.

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